"We want to create
convenience for others"

-Mr.Bakr Bagedo
CEO / Founder of Skip The Q

Elevating food service experience

Elevating food service experience..

Some ideas spring from inspiration, others from necessity. SkiptheQ was realized from a much-needed gap in the Saudi market for a hassle free restaurant experience. Skip The Q is a pioneer in F&B apps in KSA. We offer more, for a lot less.

Covid-19 has tilted the world on a new axis; our ordinary has changed for the foreseeable future. Spending less time in crowded places has become paramount. I wanted to minimize the risk for others and myself. With our novel Pick Up service, you can skip the lines and and enjoy more time doing the things that you love.

The world can get a little wild, but we will make it better again, not just by preserving, but also by raising a helping hand to our fellow humans. I consider this my tiny contribution to Saudi Arabia's brighter and better future. I hope this little app makes your life a little easier, your happy moments hassle-free.

Available now on iOS and Android